Linebreak Roulette

Play Online Roulette

With gamblers crowded around a beautifully crafted spinning wheel, roulette is perhaps the most eye-catching game in the entire casino. At InterCasino, you can avoid the crowds and experience the same excitement of hitting your number in one of our sleek 3-D roulette games. Here you can take your pick of several variations of the centuries-old game, like European Roulette Classic and American Roulette.

How to Play Online Roulette

Learning roulette is a snap, and you should be betting like a pro in no time. The purpose of the game is to guess which pocket a ball will fall into after being spun around the outside of a spinning 37-slot wheel.

With the wheel in motion, you’ll place chips on the table to signify which bets you would like to make. There are loads of possibilities, including betting the color of the winning pocket, whether it will be an odd or even number, or wagering on blocks of numbers. Some bets pay more than others – a wager on a single number can pay out a whopping 35:1.

Online Roulette Special Features


This feature allows players to see the most recent winning numbers at a particular table.

Saved Bet Layouts and Autoplay:

With these two features enabled, you can sit back, relax and play roulette hands-free. With saved bet layouts, you can store your favorite betting patterns and more quickly make wagers. With autoplay, you can enhance your experience even more by instructing the game play a certain number of spins automatically.

Ready to put your new knowledge to the test? Step up to one of our play chip or real money roulette tables today.